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"¡Ahora Mismo!: Spain" is the third episode of the thirteenth season from Barney & Friends.


Ben is late to the park and is disappointed to realize he missed his chance at riding a real pony. He has waited his whole life for this, and now it looks as if he’s missed his opportunity. Luckily, Barney takes him to Spain where they meet Regalo, a dancing horse with Riff and Baby Bop. Ben and Barney return to the park just in time for Ben to ride the pony after all! Ben is thrilled to ride a horse and learned an important lesson about patience and waiting.

Barney, Riff, and Baby Bop meet Regalo


  1. Barney Theme Song
  2. Being Together
  3. Clip, Clop Riding on a Pony
  4. I Just Can't Wait
  5. Here We Go Again
  6. Flamenco Guitar Song
  7. Look at Me, I'm Dancing
  8. Languages from All Around the World
  9. The Dino Dance
  10. I Love You


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