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"A Different Kind of Mystery" is the eleventh episode from the fourth season of Barney & Friends.


Ashley, Kristen, and Curtis are trying to help Jeff think of a name for his new kitten when they hear strange noises from the classroom. Barney appears and together they become detectives to solve the case of the mysterious visitor. Along the way they learn about their individual differences. Stella arrives to tell the story of "The City Mouse and the Country Mouse." Scooter keeps popping in to give his opinion about who the mysterious visitor might be. The mystery is solved when Barney and the children discover Jeff's new cat is causing the mischief. They decide on a perfect name for the cat.

Stories: "The City Mouse and the Country Mouse"


  1. "Barney Theme Song"
  2. "It's a Fun, Fun Sunny Day!"
  3. "Big and Little"
  4. "Colors All Around"
  5. "Everyone is Special"
  6. "Have a Snack!"
  7. "You've Got to Be You"
  8. "I Love You"


International edits

In some international versions, this episode was shortened.


  • This episode marks the only time Curtis and Jeff appeared together.
  • Stella is uncredited, despite appearing in this episode.
  • This episode reveals that Ashley is allergic to milk and Curtis was named after his grandfather when he was born.
  • The working title for this episode was "The Case of the Mysterious Visitor".
  • Although "Everyone is Special" has been rearranged, this version is a prototype, and it would not be until "You've Got To Have Art" when the current arrangement was finalized.


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