Barney & Friends Episode
A Game for Everyone: A Sports Adventure
Season 12, Episode 9
Air date September 25, 2008
Written by Jim Lewis
Directed by Fred Holmes
Theme Games & Sports
Making a New Friend
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"A Game for Everyone: A Sports Adventure" is the ninth episode from the twelfth season of Barney & Friends.


Barney comes up with the idea to have a sports day in the park. All day, they play games like soccer and hopscotch among others, all for fun. Meanwhile, Baby Bop meets a girl with special needs named Jill, as well as her mom. As Baby Bop gets to know Jill more, she encourages her to play hopscotch with the others. In the end, Baby Bop and Jill win the trophy for hopscotch and she and her mother leave.


  1. Barney Theme Song
  2. The Having Fun Song
  3. Let's Go
  4. Exercise Is Good For You
  5. Games
  6. Way to Count
  7. Riding on a Bike (Scene Taken from: "Making a Move!")
  8. You Can Count on Me
  9. The Baby Bop Hop
  10. I Love You