A Tent Too Full
A Tent Too Full
Author Stephen White
Illustrator Darren Mckee
Bill Alger
Publication date November 8, 1993
Published by Lyrick Studios
Publication Order
Preceded by
Baby Bop Discovers Shapes
Followed by
Barney Goes to the Zoo
A Tent Too Full is a Barney book that was released to stores on November 8, 1993.  


One summer day, Barney & Baby Bop went camping. Baby Bop wants to see lots of animals and sleep in a real tent.

Later that night, it started to rain! Join Barney and Baby Bop has they help all their animals friends stay dry and wait for the rain to stop! Including a firefly, a beaver, a moose, a brown bear and lots of other forest animals!


  • Baby Bop
  • Firefly
  • Mother Possum & her babies
  • Brown Beaver
  • Mr. Moose
  • Fox
  • Owl
  • Brown Bear
  • Racoon




Cassette Tape

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