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BJ Day In The Park With Barney
A Day in the Park with Barney 1995-Present This BJ costume is similar to the BJ costume used in the TV series, but the cheeks are rounder and chubbier, and the legs are taller and thinner to account for variable performer heights and weights.
Baniwa Chingudeul 2001-2003 This BJ costume was used in the Korean production of Barney & Friends.

The legs are taller. In addition, the head somewhat resembles the one from Musical Castle, but the eyes are wider, pupils are slightly smaller, and the snout is more portrudent and narrow, and the head in general is wider. The spots, as well as his yellow color and belly are darker. The hat structure is similar to Season 12-13's, but the brim is more indented and the the three hairs seem more bigger and bulgy, but narrow.

A Grande Surpresa de Barney 2004-2010 The costume is very similar to the costumes used in 'Barney's Musical Castle' and 'Barney's Christmas Star'. The difference are the legs are shorter and the eyes are a bit smaller. The frill on top is taller as well. This costume was mostly used for live shows in Argentina around the time. Shows include Barney's Musical Park, Barney's Big Surprise, Barney's Colorful World and Barney's Space Adventures
Alternate BJ Costumes
Barney Live! - The Let's Go Tour 2007-present This BJ costume was made in Malta for the European tour of "Barney Live - The Let's Go Tour." It is still used for certain sing along shows in the UK. The main difference in this suit is the wide, almost bulging cheeks mixed with much smaller eyes.
Barney Live First BJ Costume
Barney Live in Concert - Birthday Bash! November-Early December 2010 The first BJ costume made by VEE Corporation's Costumes and Creatures department. Like the other characters in this show, BJ's costume is based on the cartoon artwork rather than the TV show's costume. His eyes are much smaller and wider, and his frill is rounder.
Barney Live in Concert - Birthday Bash! Late December 2010-present

VEE touched up the BJ costume during a hiatus in December. BJ's hair was resculpted to match the TV show's costume. Other than that, the costume remains the same.

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Barney In Ghana 2010 This costume was used in Barney in Ghana. The costume is slightly taller, but often suffers from the fact that a view can see the costume performer's actual legs at times.
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Barney Live! World Tour - A Celebration 2015 This costume is a built on the same structure for the one used for Barney Live! The Let's Go Tour in Abu Dhabi and Malta. The legs are thinner on this costume and the mouth and head are much wider. BJ's eyes are almost entirely black, and his eyelids are thinner than usual. His shoes are long and flat.
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Barney's We're All Friends Show 2015 This costume was used for Puerti Harbour in Malaysia. The head structure is flat, similar to previous costumes. The snout is smaller and BJ's hairs are bulky.