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Barney & Baby Bop Universal Studios Florida Celebration 1993 This Baby Bop Costume is based off the earlier Baby Bop costume. Her colors are considerably darker green, and appear to be made of a rougher fabric. Her stomach is more rectangular then round, and her eyes are very close together.
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Barney Live! - The Let's Go Tour 2007-present This Baby Bop costume was made in Malta for the European tour of "Barney Live - The Let's Go Tour." She resembles more modern version of the Baby Bop suit, but she is much taller. Her frill and ears are quite large, and her eyes are more heavy-lidded.
1st Barney LIVE Baby Bop Costume
Barney Live in Concert - Birthday Bash! 2010 (November and Early December) The first Baby Bop costume made by VEE Corporation's costume is based on the cartoon artwork rather than the TV show's costume. In addition to this, the costume only has three spots on her back. Her eyes are quite bulbous.
Barney Live in Concert - Birthday Bash! Late December 2010-present VEE refined the Baby Bop costume during the show's brief hiatus (for the holidays) in December 2010. The head was resculpted to look more like the costume on the TV series. More spots and heavier eyelashes were also added for this reason.
Alternate Baby Bop
Barney in Ghana 2010 This costume was used in Barney performances in Ghana. The costume design/structure is similar to previous costumes in this style. The major difference are the eyes, which are almost faced completely downwards. Her fluff of hair is less obvious, and her ears are longer.

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