Image As seen in Year Notes
FamilyFest93 1993 This costume is based off the Season 1/2 Barney costume. The head is very narrow and skinny and the feet are round and flat.
Washington, D.C. visit 1993 This costume is very similar to the 1992 costume, but with a slightly larger mouth.
Hachaverim Shel Barney 1997–1999 This Barney costume is used in the Hebrew production of Barney & Friends. While based off on the Season 4 costume, the legs are shorter and his teeth are thicker.
Korean barney 11
Baniwa Chingudeul 2001–2003 This Barney costume is used in the Korean production of Barney & Friends. This looks a lot like Season 4's costume.
Barney Live Malta Costume
Barney Live - The Let's Go Tour 2007–present This Barney costume was made in Malta for the European tour of "Barney Live - The Let's Go Tour." The toes are separated, his head is a different shape. Also, the mouth isn't movable on some variations. This costume is still used at certain Butlins resorts.
Barney Live Costume (1.0)
Barney Live in Concert - Birthday Bash! 2010 (November and Early December) The first Barney costume made by VEE Corporation's Costumes and Creatures department. Rather than basing it off the live action costume used on Barney & Friends, VEE based this costume off of Barney's "cartoon" design. A bow tie is added to hide that Barney's head is separate from his body.
Barney Live Costume 2.0
Barney Live in Concert - Birthday Bash! Late December 2010-April 2011 Due to complaints from patrons and the cast, VEE refined the Barney costume during the show's brief hiatus (for the holidays) in December 2010. The head was re-sculpted (along with the bow tie) to look more like the costume on the TV series. The body remains the same, however.
Barney Live in Concert - Birthday Bash! April 2011-December 2011 HIT built this Barney costume for use in the Barney Live show. While it is made similarly to the costume on the Barney & Friends TV series, the arms are thicker to accommodate VEE's mouth mechanism. This suit replaced the standard Barney used for meet and greets as well.
Barney adnec 2012
Barney Live - Let's Go (Dubai)/Butlins Minehead Late 2011- present This costume was built initially to replace the Barney suit used at Butlins Minehead and Mattel Playtown. It's currently being used for upcoming live tours in Dubai, as well. This suit's arms are separate
Mattel Play! Town Dubai May 2018 This costume is currently being used at Mattel Play! Town in Dubai. Barney's mouth becomes wide with no top teeth. His eyes are slimmed more in his head, and the toes are separated.

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