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Barney Live! The Let's Go Tour 2007-2014 This Riff costume was made in Malta for the European tour of "Barney Live -The Let's Go Tour." Riff's head is very wide, his crest pointed, and his eyes small. His tuft of hair is also small, and his legs are more bulbous and taper at the end. The yellow cuffs of his shoes are much bigger than on other costumes, and the shoes themselves are rather flat.
Barney Live Birthday Bash-0
Barney Live in Concert - Birthday Bash! November-Early December 2010- Present The first Riff costume made by VEE Corporation's Costumes and Creatures department. Like the other characters, Riff's costume is based on the cartoon artwork rather than the TV show's costume.
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Barney Live in Concert - Birthday Bash! Late December 2010-present VEE touched up the Riff costume during a hiatus in December. Riff's hair

was resculpted to match the TV show's costume. Riff got a tad bit shorter too.

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