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Animals in Motion is an original Barney song that only appeared in Hop To It! and The Alphabet Zoo.


Oh, we can waddle like a duck.
Hop like a froggy,
Fly like an eagle too.
We can roar like a tiger,
Moo like a cow,
That’s what we can do.
Oh, we can bark like a dog.
Ribbit like a rabbit,
Fly like an bird too.
We can slither like a snake,
Gallop like a horse,
That's what we can do.
We (just) waddled like a duck,
Hopped like a froggy,
Flew like an eagle too.
We slithered like a snake,
Galloped like a horse.
That's what we did do.
That's what we did do.

Barney Song Used In...

  1. Hop To It!
  2. The Alphabet Zoo
  3. Barney's Alphabet Zoo (Episode Featured: The Alphabet Zoo)
  4. Barney's ABC Animals! Read Along Cassette (Audio Taken from: The Alphabet Zoo)