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Anne Hurlbut with the kids

The children's cast of the seventh season of Barney & Friends with their set teacher, Anne Marie Hurlbut.

Anne Marie Hurlbut (born March 31, 1976 in Minneapolis, Minnesota) is best known to be an American teacher. She has taught in the school districts of Carrollton-Farmers Branch Independent School District, Dallas Independent School District, and the Highland Park Independent School District. Outside of school districts within Texas, she was also a teacher for the national tours of The Big Apple Circus (2001) and Disney's Beauty and the Beast (2002-2003). In between being a teacher for those respective tours, she was the studio teacher for Barney & Friends, for the seasons seven and eight.


Barney & Friends[]

Hurlbut received a call from a representative at On-Location Education, a premier educational consulting service for young performers, who inquired if she lived Carrollton, Texas. Confirming that she did, Hurlbut was told that a teaching position was open for Barney & Friends, given that they were moving to film at Marsh RD Studio in Carrollton, Texas. Hurlbut was offered the position and she accepted. Hurlbut started working on Barney & Friends in September 2001, during the production of Barney's Christmas Star.

While being the studio teacher for Barney & Friends, Hurlbut was responsible for making sure the kids had their required school hours each week, which was fifteen hours a week, three hours a day. She would coordinate with the teachers, parents and principals to ensure that the kids were academically paced with their school classmates while the kids would film for Barney & Friends. The teachers were responsible for giving Hulburt that week's worth of schoolwork for the students. She then had to fill out her own report for On-Location Education because they did the paper work to ensure that the studio was following the hours. Every week she had to write a detailed report of each student which included the work they did and the hours that they were in school.

Hurlbut taught eleven kids while on Barney & Friends. She was the studio teacher of the show until December 2002, which was when season eight wrapped. Filming for the series started slowing down at that time, and a small break was going to occur between production and filming. She left the show for financial reasons so she could continue working, which lead her to becoming the teacher for the national tour of Disney's Beauty and the Beast.


The schedule for teaching on Barney & Friends would be having school on Monday afternoons, Thursday afternoons, and all day on Fridays. Sometimes on Thursdays and Fridays, Hurlbut would have two sets of kids given that she'd have students who already filmed for the week or those would be filming next week.[1]


Barney & Friends[]

  1. Season 7 (teacher, uncredited)
  2. Season 8 (teacher, uncredited)

  1. Barney's Christmas Star (child supervisor / teacher)
  2. Barney Songs from the Park (teacher)
  3. Read With Me, Dance With Me (teacher)


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