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Debuted in Barney's Halloween Party
It's Halloween Night Tonight
So Many Pumpkins

Apples is an original Barney song that only appeared in "Barney's Halloween Party". Since it was not mentioned on the back of that video, this might not be a full on musical number.


Apples are the perfect treat.
Fun to carry, fun to eat.
Ways to serve them. There's no limit.
Let me tell you. Got a minute?
Apples red, green or golden.
Sort of like the one you're holding.
Apple cobbler. Apple fritters.
Apples carved to look like critters.
Apple cider good for sipping
Red delicious, Winesap, Pippin
Apples served up by the slice.
Cinnamon apples full of spice.
Apple crisp and my oh my
Apple tarts and apple pie.
Apple Butter. Apple Jelly.
Apple strudel in your belly.
Candied Apples, caramel too.
Apples baked, glazed and stewed.
Sweet Brown Betty saying "Howdy!"
Apple Salad and Venvowdy.
Apple sauce right out of jars.
Apple dumblings and apple bars.
Ooh I'm tired. It's time to rest,
But here's the way I like them best.