BJ's Silly Story
5171T6VTCDL. SY344 BO1,204,203,200
Author Stephen White
Illustrator Larry Daste
Publication date October 1994
Published by Lyrick Studios
ISBN ISBN-10: 1570640181
ISBN-13: 978-1570640186
Publication Order
Preceded by
BJ's Fun Week
Followed by
Barney's Book of Opposites
BJ's Silly Story was a book released on October 4, 1994. It was released the same day as Barney & Baby Bop Follow that Cat and BJ's Fun Week. It was written by Stephen White and illustrated by Larry Daste.


Lift all the flaps as BJ and Barney enlist helpers from the entire animal kingdom in this "crazy" clean up book. Who better to vacuum than an elephant? Who else could get windows "squeaky" clean like a friendly mouse? And with fishes to do the dishes, how could cleaning up be any more fun?

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