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Baby Bop as she appears in the show.

Baby Bop is a minor character in the Backyard Gang video series and a main character in the Barney & Friends television show. She is a bright green triceratops, and one of Barney's best friends.

Creation & Biography

According to the co-creator to Barney, Sheryl Leach, Baby Bop was created as a foil character to Barney. Whereas Barney is outgoing but down-to-earth, Baby Bop is very shy but can be ecstatic at times due to her young age. Originally, Baby Bop was two years old, but turned three in "Look at Me, I'm 3!".

Baby Bop made her initial debut in Barney in Concert (1991) and she has been on the show ever since then. Her name was given by The Backyard Gang.


Baby Bop is like many precocious children her age. She loves to carry her yellow blanket around and is almost never even seen without it, calling it her "blankey". Baby Bop's favorite toy doll is her stuffed teddy bear, something she loves almost as much as her blanket.

She is an avid dancer, and has taken many ballet classes to pursue this hobby.

Baby Bop's favorite food is macaroni and cheese, but she still likes many other foods such as apples and bananas, popcorn, and even pizza. She loves tea parties, and will try to host them with as many of her friends as she can. One of her favorite animals at the zoo is an elephant. She has an elephant doll named Nelly.

Appearance and Design

Baby Bop is known for wearing a pink bow in her hair and pink ballet slippers on her feet. Her colors are an inverse of Barney's purple and green color scheme, sporting a green body with purple-pink spots. Baby Bop also has rather large eyelashes, and a tuft of hair beneath her crest.


The 1993 Baby Bop costume

Baby Bop's general appearance has gone through several changes over the years. When she made her debut in "Barney in Concert", she was taller than the kids and about the very same height as Barney, clocking in at about 5'7'. She also used to speak in third-person, rather than first-person.

In Season 2, Baby Bop got shorter to better suit her age of two (and later three) years old. In Season 3, Baby Bop was redesigned slightly so that her jaw could move. Her design has remained this way since then.


Costume Actors

Voice Actors


  • Her name is based on the words "Boppity-bop" from the song "Mr. Knickerbocker".
  • Baby Bop's brother, BJ, frequently calls her "sissy".
  • Riff (Baby Bop's dinosaur cousin) has given her one of his very cool nicknames "Baby Boppity Bop", which were also taken from "Mr. Knickerbocker".


  1. Barney in Concert (first appearance)
  2. Rock with Barney (cameo)

  1. My Family's Just Right for Me
  2. Playing It Safe
  3. Hop to It! (cameo)
  4. Eat, Drink and Be Healthy! (cameo)
  5. Caring Means Sharing (cameo)
  6. What's That Shadow?
  7. Happy Birthday, Barney!
  8. Alphabet Soup! (cameo)
  9. Hi, Neighbor!
  10. A Splash Party, Please (cameo)
  11. Carnival of Numbers (cameo)
  12. Doctor Barney is Here! (cameo)
  13. Oh, What a Day!
  14. Everyone is Special (episode)
  15. Falling for Autumn!
  16. May I Help You?
  17. Red, Blue and Circles Too!
  18. Hoo's in the Forest?
  19. I Can Do That!
  20. Look at Me, I'm 3!
  21. My Favorite Things
  22. An Adventure in Make Believe (cameo)
  23. Having Tens of Fun!
  24. A Very Special Delivery! (cameo)
  25. If the Shoe Fits...
  26. Shopping for a Surprise!
  27. Twice Is Nice!
  28. Classical Cleanup
  29. Gone Fishing!
  30. It's Raining, It's Pouring... (cameo)
  31. Camera Safari
  32. Who's Who on the Choo Choo?
  33. Ship, Ahoy!
  34. First Day of School
  35. Is Everybody Happy?
  36. Tick Tock Clocks!
  37. Waiting for Mr. MacRooney (cameo)
  38. Play Ball!
  39. Let's Eat
  40. Good, Clean Fun!
  41. All Mixed Up
  42. Oh, Brother...She's My Sister
  43. Trading Places
  44. Safety First! (as Safety Officer Baby Bop)
  45. Try It, You'll Like It!
  46. Colors All Around (episode) (cameo)
  47. Hidden Treasures
  48. It's a Rainy Day!
  49. A Package of Friendship
  50. Stick with Imagination!
  51. Snack Time!
  52. Count Me In!
  53. Who's Who at the Zoo?
  54. Excellent Exercise!
  55. Brushing Up on Teeth
  56. It's Home to Me
  57. You Can Do It!
  58. Ready, Set, Go!
  59. Up, Down and Around!
  60. Tea-riffic Manners
  61. Stop! Go!
  62. Red, Yellow and Blue!
  63. Play for Exercise!
  64. Numbers! Numbers!
  65. This Way In! This Way Out!
  66. Play It Safe!
  67. A Parade of Bikes
  68. BJ's Really Cool House
  69. On Again, Off Again
  70. Sharing Is Caring!
  71. It's Hot! It's Cold!
  72. Day and Night
  73. A-Counting We Will Go!
  74. A Little Big Day
  75. Squares, Squares Everywhere!
  76. That Makes Me Mad!
  77. It's Your Birthday, Barney!
  78. Everybody's Got Feelings
  79. Caring Hearts
  80. Let's Make Music!
  81. Movin' Along
  82. Let Your Creativity Fly!
  83. Imagine That!
  84. All About Me
  85. My Baby Brother
  86. Keep On Truckin'
  87. I'm A Builder
  88. Coming On Strong
  89. Let's Play Games!
  90. You Can Count on Me! (episode)
  91. A Wonderful World of Colors and Shapes
  92. Easy as ABC
  93. Look What I Can Do!
  94. Making a Move!
  95. Home, Safe Home
  96. On the Road Again
  97. My Friends, The Doctor and the Dentist
  98. Welcome, Cousin Riff
  99. Special Skills
  100. Boats
  101. Butterflies
  102. Bugs
  103. Shapes (episode)
  104. Colors
  105. Seeing
  106. Hearing
  107. Glad to Be Me
  108. Arts
  109. Movement
  110. BJ's Snack Attack
  111. Counting
  112. Letters
  113. Pets
  114. Vets
  115. Winter
  116. Summer
  117. Caring
  118. Rhythm
  119. Playing Games
  120. Fun with Reading
  121. Making Mistakes (episode)
  122. Separation
  123. Days of the Week
  124. Sharing
  125. Rabbits
  126. Mother Goose (episode)
  127. Fairy Tales
  128. Things I Can Do
  129. Dancing (cameo)
  130. Singing
  131. Neighborhoods
  132. Careers
  133. Kenya
  134. Pistachio
  135. The Magic Words
  136. Litterbot
  137. Bop 'til You Drop
  138. Little Red Rockin' Hood
  139. The Whole Truth
  140. The Wind and the Sun
  141. Grandpa's Visit
  142. The Big Garden
  143. Pot Full of Sunshine
  144. Trail Boss Barney
  145. Get Happy!
  146. Starlight, Star Bright
  147. No, No, No!
  148. Guess Who?
  149. Sweet Treats
  150. Best in Show
  151. That's What a Mommy Is
  152. The Shrinking Blankey
  153. What's Your Name?
  154. BJ The Great
  155. Gift of the Dinos
  156. Riff's Musical Zoo
  157. The Princess and the Frog
  158. Way to Go!: A Travel Adventure
  159. The Misbegotten Moon: A Space Adventure
  160. Riff to the Rescue!: A Wild West Adventure
  161. Lights! Camera! Action!: A Movie Adventure
  162. The Amazing Captain Pickles: A Hero Adventure
  163. A Game for Everyone: A Sports Adventure
  164. Bienvenido, Barney: Mexico
  165. Big Brother Rusty: China
  166. ¡Ahora Mismo!: Spain
  167. Sweeter Than Candy: Greece
  168. Bonjour, Barney!: France
  169. Home Sweet Earth: The Rainforest

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