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The Evolution of Baby Bop (1991–present)

Image As seen in Year Notes
Barney & Friends Season 1 1991-1993 This is the very first Baby Bop costume from 1991. She is taller than the kids at about 5'7'. Her mouth is not moveable, and the illusion of three-dimensional eyes was achieved by using flat materials for the whites and pupils and placing them behind clear plastic in the shape of hollow half-spheres. Her head and arms are separate from the body, and her arms are split further by a prominent seam in the middle. Her frill is also quite large. She was performed by Dao Knight and later by Jenny Dempsey in Season 1 of Barney & Friends. This costume was previously used in Barney in Concert.
Baby Bop 1994.png
Barney & Friends Season 2 1993-1994

A smaller & shorter concept of the first costume: Baby Bop becomes shorter, fitting her age of two (later three) years old. Some light changes were made. Her eyes and pupils become bigger and more rounded. Her stomach also becomes rounder.

In 1994, she gained darker magenta spots. Her nostrils also became bigger. The perfomer must lean her head down for the whole face to be visible, like the previous costume. This is also the first time Jeff Ayers performed Baby Bop and would continue to do so until 2008. Like BJ's 1994 costume, this suit was also used on live appearances. 

Baby Bop 1995.png
Barney & Friends Season 3 1994-1996 Baby Bop grew ever smaller, and her eyelashes got curved up. In addition, her bottom lip became movable by the bobbing of the performer's head. Her eyes were made to be fully half-dome shaped, are pushed into her head more, and are moved closer to her forehead. Her nose was made shorter, but more portrudent than previous costumes.
Barney's Fun & Games 1996-1997 This costume is not much different from the previous version, except for her eyelashes.
Baby Bop 1999.png
Barney & Friends Season 4 1997-2008 Baby Bop's eyelashes are raised higher and her eyelids aren't as visible as in the previous seasons of Barney & Friends. Her bottom lip also becames quite loose.

Since 1997, there have been two more costume changes over the years:

  • 2004-2006: The hair tuft is bigger and her color scheme gets lighter. The nose looks more square, too.
  • 2006-2007: The costume shares a resemblance to the 1997 costume, but the ears are slightly thinner. The tuft gets smaller, too and the nose is more rounder.
  • 2008: The costume has a darker greenish hue. The ears are also much thinner.
Barney and Friends early Season 6 1999 This costume is similar to the 1996 costume. It only appeared in the episode "Stick with Imagination!", but with a upper nuzzle.
Bicycle bb.png
Barney & Friends Season 7-Season 8 2002-2004 This costume is similar to the 1996 one. It includes a bottom jaw that moved without the assistance of the bobbing of the performer's head. This mechanism was short-lived due to difficulty the mechanism added to the performance.
Baby bop present.JPG
Barney & Friends Season 13 2009–present Baby Bop's eye lashes are shorter and are closer to the top of her eye. The springs in her mouth are slightly loosened, making her mouth much more movable. Her upper muzzle is also much smaller. Her tuft of hair not only appears behind her bow, but slightly in front of it as well. Her ears also become a brighter color and become smaller. Her nose also becomes more square. Her stomach, spots, bow, and slippers are given a lighter shade of magenta. This costume adheres to the shape of the new female actress, Lauren Mayeux in the side and back areas making Baby Bop smaller.