Barbara Lowin (born 1941) is an actress who played Mother Goose in Barney's Rhyme Time Rhythm and A "Little" Mother Goose.

Early life and Singing Career

Canadian-born singer Barbara Lowin (known formerly as soprano Barbara Shuttleworth) continues her remarkable and varied vocal journey. These days she sings cabarets featuring evenings of eclectic offerings of songs from the American Songbook, Broadway and concert.  She presents adaptations of well-known songs in English, German, French and Russian.

A star at the tender age of five as Baby Bee on the popular "Small Types Club" radio program for youngsters, she retired at the also tender age of twelve.

Barbara Lowin attended the Juilliard School on full scholarship and had the singular honor to be chosen to participate in the historic series of master classes given by soprano, Maria Callas. Among her many honors was an early award from the George London Foundation in Washington, D.C.

In her years of operatic performance, Lowin sang with all major opera companies and symphony orchestras in the U.S. and Canada. She appeared as Nellie Forbush in "South Pacific" with the Edmonton Opera Co., reviving an adolescent passion and performing a tap dance in the song “Honey Bun”. As guest artist with the Welsh National Opera Company, she performed all over Wales and England. 

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