Barney's Beach Party is a stage show that was originally performed in Hawaii from April 26, 2002 to April 28, 2002. It was to promote the home video of "the same name".



  • The original Hawaii show marks the first stage show ( and one of the earliest appearences) to feature Dean Wendt as the voice of Barney.
  • The original Hawaii show also featured a special sing along stage activity of I Love You, led by Cheryl Toma and featured winners from the local television station's Barney Song Contest. Ariel Sanders, who would later play Tori in the TV series' 11th season was among one of the kids that appeared during the event.
  • Some songs and dialouge are borrowed from other Barney tours.
  • After they sang I Love You, Barney's voice was from Barney's Sprout Concert
  • In the versions in Butlins and the one with just Barney, some audio is taken from the actual "Barney's Beach Party" video (i.e. Duncan Brannan, Tim Dever, and Dean Wendt's voices are all used at certain parts of the shows).
  • The solo version of the show was also performed at PlayTown Dubai.
  • In the City Square Mall version, the human character in the show is Ella.

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