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This video is not to be confused with Barney's Best Manners.

Barney's Best Manners: Your Invitation to Fun! is a Barney Home Video that was released on August 26, 2003.


When a surprise package arrives from Miss Vera Goode with her new "Vera Goode's Book of Manners for Children", Barney’s friends question why minding their manners is so important. Barney explains that his friends have the perfect opportunity to be on their best behavior because they’re invited to a party! Then their polite purple pal helps his friends brush up on the rules of etiquette by bringing Mother Goose rhymes to life and taking the children on a magical trip to Alice In Wonderland’s "Mad Tea Party." Whether it’s sneezing, sharing, cleaning up or using good table manners, Barney helps them discover that using their best manners is fun!



  1. Barney Theme Song
  2. A Swing is a Beautiful Thing (First verse only)
  3. Being Together
  4. Why
  5. Keep Your Sneeze to Yourself
  6. Manners Medley (Misty Moisty Morning / A Farmer and a Son / I Had a Little Hen)
  7. Taking Turns
  8. Topsy Turvy Tea
  9. Share Your Stuff
  10. I Put a Smile On
  11. Clean Up! Do Our Share!
  12. Washing Medley (Splashin' in the Bath / Squishy, Squashy, Washy)
  13. Indoor-Outdoor Voices
  14. We're Having a Party
  15. Please and Thank You
  16. Good Manners
  17. I Love You




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