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Barney at Barney's Big Fun Time with children

Barney's Big Fun Time is a one hour stage show that performed February 17 and 18 in 2007 in India at InterContinental Nehru Place, New Delhi. [1] Directed and produced by Kym Halpin,[2] Barney's Big Fun Time came into fruition thanks to an exclusive deal between JBC and MEIEA, which is the official licensee of the event, along with Turner's International's kids channel Pogo. The event was organized by Just Because It’s Children (JBC), an organization devoted to providing international entertainment experiences to children and their parents. Ticket prices ranged from 1500 rs to 300 rs (which is equivalent to $18.12-$3.62) so that a wide range of children and families could afford to see the show. Fifty disadvantaged children were selected by various NGOs to receive free tickets.[3]


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