Barney's Color Train
Barney Color Train
Author Gayla Amaral
Illustrator Darrel Baker
Publication date July 1, 2000
Published by Lyrick Publishing
Scholastic (Re-release)
Publication Order
Preceded by
Babies & Barney: Hooray for Babies!
Followed by
Barney's Favorite Halloween Stories
Barney's Color Train is a Barney book that was released on July 1, 2000. It was later re-released by Scholastic, Inc. in 2003.

The read along cassette for this book also includes the songs "Down By the Station" and "Colors All Around". The read along is included on the Now I Know My ABCs DVD.


Learn about colors with Barney! Come along for a ride on the color train. Children will love helping Barney load the red car with red strawberries, the orange car with orange pumpkin pies, and the green car with green frogs.




  • The original casette for this book featured the voice of Tim Dever as Barney. The read-along on the DVD features the voice of Dean Wendt as Barney. Both versions contained the music done by David Bernard Wolf
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