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Barney's Favorite Mother Goose Rhymes Vol. 2 is a 1993 children's picture book written by Stephen White and illustrated by Mary Grace Eubank.

The book follows Barney the Dinosaur and his dinosaur friend Baby Bop as they tell their favorite Mother Goose rhymes, with help from characters like Jack & Jill, Mary and her little Lamb, and many more!

It is a follow up to the predecessor that was released months before in the same year.

Mother Goose Rhymes


  • Just like its predecessor, co-creator of Barney, Kathy Parker, came up with the concept to this book.
  • This book marks the only time Baby Bop is seen in doll form towards the end of this book.
  • This book was released on David Franks' thirty-first birthday, Donna Kraft's thirteenth birthday, and Hayden Tweedie's first birthday.


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