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Barney's Fun on Imagination Island
Video Game
Released 1997
Developer 7th Level, Inc.
Publisher Microsoft Corporation
Platform Windows
Genre Children
Preceded by Barney's Hide and Seek Game
Succeeded by Fun on the Farm with Barney

Barney's Fun on Imagination Island was a Barney video game released in August 1997 by Microsoft. This game was the original pack-in title for the ActiMates PC Pack.

Game Play[]

Barney's Fun On Imagination Island is an educational title aimed at pre-school children aged two and upwards. It was made exclusively for the Barney ActiMate toy via a device known as a PC Pack.

The map of Imagination Island has six locations in this game:

  • Baby Bop's Buccaneer Bay is a game that teaches shapes.
  • BJ's Treasure Cove teaches colors.
  • Hootin' Annie's Musical Woods where children identify animals and the sounds they make.
  • Lucy's Letter Lagoon teaches letters.
  • Professor Tinkerputt's Tree House teaches counting and numbers, using his "balloon-making machine". In the explore mode of the game, the player may group these numbers of balloons however they like. The Barney Actimate and Professor Tinkerputt keep count.
  • Video Volcano shows video clips from Season 2-3 episodes.



  • Of all the Microsoft Barney games, this title is the only one not to work without ActiMates Barney. If the program is opened without ActiMates Barney hooked up, the game will not open and instead ask for a MIDI port.
  • The map of the island looks nothing like the one from the 1994 spin-off TV special.


Game Materials[]