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Barney's Great Adventure is a 1998 Smart Pages Golden Sound Book that was based on the film Barney's Great Adventure. It was adapted by Mary Dykstra and Amy Bauman and illustrated by Darrell Baker.


Description from book

In this imaginative journey based on the movie, Barney's Great Adventure, you can see and hear dreams come alive with just the touch of a page. Find out what happens when Barney and friends meet a dream maker named Twinken. With the help of this magical creature, the dreams of Barney's special friends are brought to life. When you join Barney for this SMART PAGES interactive experience, you're sure to have a super-dee-duper time!




  • Over 150 words, sounds, music and phrases
  • Actual voices of Barney, BJ, and Baby Bop.
  • 32 talking touchpoints in the pages
  • Extra-special storytelling adventure

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