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Barney's Hide and Seek Game is a video game that was released on June 1, 1993 for the Sega Genesis.

To date, it is the only Barney game to appear on a mainstream video game console.

It is also the only animated Barney entry.


Players guide Barney through four different levels (A forest, Music Land, the ocean, and a farm), and search for five children (including Baby Bop) and five toys scattered in each.

The left and right keys steer Barney, while every action button, as well as the start button, trigger every other action, which are achieved when the player is in the right place. For example, Barney will only jump if he is in an area where it is required. If a child or present is in range, the buttons will allow the player to select the item. If there is nothing in range that requires an action, Barney will blow a kiss if the button is pressed.

By pressing the down key, Barney will steer himself, though pressing buttons is still required to collect items. The same thing will happen if the player leaves the controller alone for a while.

After the player completes the level, Barney will count all of the items that they have found. Finding every item is not required to complete the level. However, if a player finds every item in every level, they will get a special ending.


This game has mixed reviews. Brett Alan Weiss of Allgame gave the game a rating of 4/5, stating that the game was well-suited for its target audience.


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