Barney's House is the main setting for some home videos, "Come on Over to Barney's House", "Barney's Dino Dancin' Tunes", and "Barney's Pajama Party". It also appeared in some books, "Come On Over To Barney's House!" and "Playtime at Barney's House".

Other Rooms in the House

  • A Room With A Bunch Of Toy Balls
  • The Bubble Room
  • The Butterfly Room
  • The Music Room


  • The front doorbell plays I Love You, and the back doorbell plays the Barney Theme Song.
  • Barney's couch has made a few cameos in Season 14, during Baby Bop and BJ's joke segments.
  • Originally, Lyrick Studios was going to have this be the main setting for the modern era, but instead HIT Entertainment decided to use the park as the main setting for the modern era.
  • Barney is never seen coming to life, nor turning back into a doll in his own house (for obvious reasons).