Barney Songs
Barney's Name Game
Debuted in What's Your Name?
Written by Mark Williamson
Usage 2007-2008
The Parade Song
Uh-Oh, Yikes, Whoopsie

"Barney's Name Game" is an original Barney song that first appeared in "What's Your Name?".


Playing games can be fun
And names can be too.
Let's all play a guessing game.
Just look out for a clue.
What's your name? Yours is special; it's the right one.
What's your name? The coolest, out of sight one.
What's your name? The "with you day and night" one.
It's lots of fun. Let's play the game and guess your name.
Rhymes with scary. You must be Mary. (Your name)
Baloney. banana. That's Tony and Hannah. (Your name)
Shining brightly. I think you're Penny. (Your name)
Come with me from A to Z. Oh, there's so many
What's your name? Is it funny or a nice one?
What's your name? A sugar and a spice one.
What's your name? "You gotta sing twice" one.
It's so much fun. Let's play the game and guess your name.
Madison, Madison, could be Wilson too. (Your name)
A flower grows; hang on, Rose. Is that you? (Your name)
Fancy Nancy, Ted, and Sue. (Your name)
But will Olivia give ya Adam and Stu?
What's your name? I really like it.
What's your name? It's such a great fit.
What's your name? You know, there's nothing like it.
Come with me. Let's play the game and guess your name.
What's your name?

Barney Song Used In...

  1. What's Your Name?
  2. Celebrating Around The World
  3. Perfectly Platinum: 30 Dino-Mite Songs (Audio Taken from: Celebrating Around The World)
  4. Most Huggable Moments (Episode Featured: What's Your Name?)
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