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Barney's Sing-along Stories: BINGO is a 2002 children's picture book that was written by Gayla Amaral and illustrated by Darren McKee. It was the first book released in the Barney's Sing-Along Stories series.


Farmer Barney has a dog and Bingo is his name. Oh! What fun Barney and friends have following Bingo on his romp through the farm. Barney's Sing-Along Stories brings a favorite tune to colorful life.

Every dog has his day, and Bingo is having a fun day playing hide-n-seek on the farm with Barney, Baby Bop, BJ and a menagerie of animal friends. As he playfully romps from page to page, the pictures tell the story of the growing ensemble close on his heels (in the fashion of the characters in "The Turnip" story), until they discover that the way to a dog's heart is by giving him a home.[1]


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