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Barney's Sing-along Stories: If You're Happy and You Know It! is a 2004 children's picture book that is based on the traditional children's song "If You're Happy and You Know It". It was written by Dena Neusner and illustrated by Darren McKee. It was the fourth and final book released in the Barney's Sing-Along Stories series.


Clap your hands with the seals, stomp your feet with the elephants, and shout, "Hooray!" as Barney takes a trip to the zoo. Barney's Sing-along Stories bring favorite tunes to colorful life!



  • An electronic visual version was included as a bonus feature to the DVD of Ready, Set, Play! with the option of having the song sung as individual solos of Barney, BJ and or Baby Bop, or with the option of having them all sing together.

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