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Barney's Storybook Treasury is a 1998 children's picture book treasury featuring various Barney books that were written and illustrated by various individuals. The cover art was illustrated by Robert Alvord.

The book was originally released in honor of Barney's 10th Anniversary as evident by the anniversary's logo. The book was later reprinted without the logo when the anniversary passed, and printed again under Scholastic and HIT Entertainment on September 10, 2002.


Barney has filled up his new book with six of his favorite stories and wants to share them all with young readers. From make-believe birthday parties to Winter days in the snow, Barney will guide kids through wonderful adventures and make learning a fun task for everyone.[1]


  1. What Can It Be?
  2. Baby Bop's ABC Book
  3. Barney Says, "Please and Thank You"
  4. Barney & Baby Bop's Band
  5. Hippity Hop, It's Barney & Baby Bop
  6. Wonderful Winter Day




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