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Barney's Talent Show is a Barney Home Video that was released on March 26, 1996.


Barney and the kids put on a talent show, with a big one performing a number of songs with others or solo, and some of the kids getting their moment in the spotlight as well even though Stephen has stage fright by himself. Plenty of great costumes and sets, with songs ranging. Even heavier than usual in its music content, this Barney video will delight kids who like to sing-along.



Title Card

  1. Barney Theme Song
  2. Sarasponda
  3. Puttin' on a Show
  4. Min's Flapper Song
  5. Puttin' on a Show (Reprise)
  6. The More We Share Together
  7. Wild Wild West Medley (Get Along Little Doggies / Home on the Range / Buffalo Gals)
  8. Alouette
  9. Blue Danube Waltz
  10. Down by the Bay
  11. A Frog Went A-Wooing Go
  12. Mexican Hat Dance (La Raspa)
  13. Ta-Ra-Ra Boom-Dee-Ay
  14. Happy Dancin'
  15. We've Got Shoes
  16. Puttin' on a Show (Finale)
  17. I Love You






Production for this video took place in October 1995.


  • This video marked:
    • The first home video since Barney Goes To School to not have BJ or Baby Bop.
    • The first video since Rock with Barney to feature more than five kids.
    • The first Barney video to have a preview of Kids for Character.
    • In the original 1996 VHS release of this video, the Barney Home Video Classic Collection Logo has low pitched music.
  • This video used the Season 3 intro.
  • Bob Lavallee, future production designer, was brought on to consult the building of the stage set. While on set, he discovered that the back part of the set, facing to the right of the treehouse steps, was being used for equipment. He drew up plans to extend the set's backdrop and fence, with a smaller tree placed in the back corner to hide the connected seam. With these changes, future series directors were allowed to shoot in all directions of the playground.
  • In the Spanish version of this video, the vocals and music from the Seasons 4-6 theme songs were used (with the footages from Season 3).
  • Although this video was released in 1996, the end credits have a 1995 copyright date, which indicates that it was filmed and produced that year.


  • This video marked:
    • The first time Ashley and Alissa (the twin sisters), and Stephen are main characters, as well as their first home video.
    • The only time Ashley and Alissa appeared with Min and Jason.
    • Another time something happens to the Barney doll before coming to life. It was Ashley and Alissa placed by the box.

Release date


On the screener copy:

  • The 1992-95 FBI warnings were used.
  • The 1995 Barney Home Video logo doesn't feature the Classic Collection logo.
  • One of the dog barks during "Get Along Little Dogies" wasn't heard.
  • We also hear Barney say, "Oh, let's go, Alissa! We're next!", before "Down by the Bay", as well as more of Barney's scatting during "Happy Dancin'", but these things were muted on the wide released version.
  • The credit sequence on the screener also has different audio, and there is also a different music piece before the Barney doll winks.

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