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Barney Volume 1

Barney: Volume 1 is a video package that contains 10 Season 8-12 episodes of Barney & Friends.

It was released on Amazon Instant Video and iTunes on September 21, 2015 and was removed in 2021.


Are you ready for some Tee-riffic fun? Laugh and sing with your favorite purple dino, Barney! Explore life lessons with Barney, from experiencing an "International countries fair", to discovering just how fun numbers can be. Dance with Barney at the party in the park and follow Baby Bop and BJ on a special project about love and relationships! Join Barney & Friends in this super-dee-duper collection of enchanting episodes.


  1. Sharing Is Caring! (2003)
  2. A Picture of Friendship (2003)
  3. A Little Big Day (2004)
  4. A World of Friends (2004)
  5. Caring Hearts (2004)
  6. You Can Count on Me! (2005)
  7. Dancing and Singing (2006)
  8. The Big Garden and Listen! (2007)
  9. Way to Go!: A Travel Adventure (2008)
  10. The Amazing Captain Pickles: A Hero Adventure (2008)