Barney & Baby Bop Go to School
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Author Mark S. Bernthal
Photographer Dennis Full
Publication date 1994 (Baby Bop Goes to School)
November 1, 1997
Published by Scholastic Inc.
Publication Order
Preceded by
Barney's This Little Piggy
Followed by
Barney's Book of Hugs
Barney & Baby Bop Go to School (Original title Baby Bop Goes to School) is a Barney book in the "Go to" series that was originally published in 1994.


Join Barney as he drops Baby Bop off for school. Baby Bop has lots fun at school like feeding the guinea pig, finger painting, and making some new friends.


Letter for Parents

"Dear Parents,

This book is intended to help young children discover the many fun experineces to be had at school. As you read this

story, encourage your child to talk about the activities that especially interest him/her. This can be a wonderful way to introduce your child to a first school experience.

We consider books to be lifelong gifts that develop and echance the love of reading. Books are an excellent way learn about new or unfamilier situations. We hope you enjoy reading along with Barney and Baby Bop!

Mary Ann Dudko, Ph. D.

Margie Larsen, M. Ed.

Early childhood educational specialist"



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