Barney & Baby Bop Go to the Library

Barney & Baby Bop Go to the Library
Author Mark S. Bernthal
Photographer Dennis Full
Publication date January 1, 1999
Published by Barney Publishing
Lyrick Publishing
Pages 24
ISBN-10 1570644470
ISBN-13 9781570644474
Publication Order
Preceded by
Barney's Storybook Treasury
Followed by
Barney & BJ Go to the Zoo

Barney & Baby Bop Go to the Library is a 1999 children's picture book that was written by Mark S. Bernthal and photographed by Dennis Full. It was a book released in the Go to series.


Check out the fun when Barney and Baby Bop go to the library. Booker T. Bookworm joins Barney and Baby Bop on a tour of the library. This book shows children that libraries and imaginations go together - like Barney and books.


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