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Please stay tuned Bumper (1992-2001)

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Barney Home Videos Please Stay Tuned 2

Please Stay Tuned 1992-1996


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Please Stay Tuned Bumper 1995-1999


Please Stayed Tuned For Barney Home Videos Version 2

Please Stay Tuned Bumper 1999-2001

Please Stay Tuned (Hit Entertainment)

The Please Stay Tuned bumper gets changed to Hit Entertainment but is kept Barney style.


Please Stay Tuned For Hit Entertainement Videos (Barney Version)

Barney's Teachers & Parents Bumper (1997-1999)

Teachers or Parents, who would like to purchase companion educational materials with a credit card, please call the phone number on your screen.


  • It is currently unknown if Lyrick Studios version was used in any Barney home videos.

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