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Barney & Friends Favourite Hits is a twenty minute stage show produced by Smile Live Entertainment that performed from December 9 - 16, 2016 in United Square. Featuring the ever popular Barney, he and friends sing their famous theme songs. Along with Barney, the show featured Baby Bop and BJ along with two human characters by the name of Charlie and Josh.


  1. Anything Can Happen
  2. Barney Theme Song (Audio Taken from: Barney Live in Concert - Birthday Bash!)
  3. The Having Fun Song (Audio Taken from: Barney's Purple Park Tour)
  4. What I Like About You
  5. Anything Can Happen (Reprise) (Audio Taken from: Barney Rocks!)
  6. If All the Raindrops
  7. Colors All Around
  8. If You're Happy and You Know It (Audio Taken from: Movin' and Groovin'/Let's Make Music!)
  9. Mr. Knickerbocker
  10. Anything Can Happen (Reprise #2)
  11. The Dino Dance
  12. We Wish You a Merry Christmas
  13. I Love You