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1st ever Barney doll Barney & the Backyard Gang (first three videos) 1988-1989 This is the first Barney doll used in the series, with a much more dinosaur-like appearance. This plush has green soles on the bottom of the feet. The mouth, like later iterations of the doll was positioned open but you were unable to see the inside due to camera positioning. His spot pattern on his back matches the costume from around the same time. He is eyelids were digitally replaced in post, the true eyelid color was the same purple material as the doll itself. This doll was owned by Michael and Amy. The doll was built by Art Director, Jamie Ruth Conner over a span of two days out of quilting fabric; the pattern was two simple dinosaur shapes pinned together.

Barney & the Backyard Gang (last three videos)


The later BYG Barney doll is more of a plush toy than the previous one. In addition to the increased width, the doll has no toes and lacks the thumb the costume has; it is purple, and has a white strip for a mouth. Unlike the first doll, this one has only five spots on his back.

Three versions of this doll appear in different episodes. The 1st one is a darker shade of purple and appears in the intro of the BYG videos and Campfire Sing-Along. With a thick white smile and smaller eyes, this doll is the biggest out of the three versions.

The 2nd version appears in Barney Goes to School, is smaller, has a thinner smile, and a hexagonal head shape; the doll matches his costume counterpart.

The 3rd version, which was used in Rock with Barney and given to Fan Club members, is similar to the 2nd edition except it lacks the white strip representing Barney's smile; this doll does not have visible nostrils.

These dolls were owned by Tina and Luci.

Barney & Friends Season 1 1991-1992 The Barney doll for the first season is more accurate to the costumed Barney. While it still lacks yellow toes, the pupils were made larger. Notably, the doll lacks eyelids. This is the first doll owned by the school.

The Season 1 doll was built by Jess Nelson and Ray Henry.


Going places

Barney and Friends "Hop to It!" and "Going Places!"


This is alternate version of the Season 1 doll, as used in two episodes only. The only notable difference are the smaller, redesigned eyes.

This doll is currently in the possession of Jess Nelson.

Barney and Friends Seasons 2-3


The doll is closer to the suit version of Barney. This version incorporates Barney's yellow toes and more accurate eyes. The snout is more upturned, and the arms are poseable.

Starting in Season 3, the doll had a lighter magenta or purple color.

Barney season 4
Barney & Friends Season 4 1997 This doll was used in four episodes of Season 4. The head and body are chubbier than its predecessor, and the toes are flattened. This was the first show doll to be made out of patterned reticulated foam rather than carved polyfoam. This pattern would be repeated for two additional dolls between Seasons 4-6.

Barney and Friends
Seasons 4-5

1997-1999 This doll was used in a few episodes between Seasons 4 and 5. The snout is more downturned, the eyes are more inset, and the feet are larger and closer together.
Barney & Friends
Season 4-6, "Barney's Christmas Star", "All Aboard!" and "I Love My Friends".
1997-2002, 2012 This doll is slightly chubbier, has a rounder head, and eyes that are closer together. This doll was the most frequently used doll between Seasons 4-6.
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Barney & Friends Seasons 7-present. 2002-present This doll's eyes are closer together. With thinner arms and a lighter purple color, the doll is similar to the costume used at the time.

A prototype of this doll was used in three episodes after "All Aboard!", with an almost circular head, similar to the Season 7 costume.

Alternate Dolls

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Season 1 Barney Stunt Doll
Rehearsals for season one of Barney & Friends 1991-1992 This Barney doll was used for the season one rehearsals of Barney & Friends.

Hachaverim Shel Barney 1997-1998 This Barney doll was used exclusively in the Hebrew production of Barney & Friends.
Hachaverim Shel Barney 1998-1999 This later version of the Hebrew Barney doll is considerably more square than the previous version. His arms are curled inward, and his feet are more upturned.

Barney's Great Adventure,
Barney's Big Surprise,
Barney's Musical Castle,
Barney's Colorful World!

1998-2004 These productions used Barney dolls that could be bought in stores (Big Surprise using a 3 foot Barney plush toy, while Great Adventure, Musical Castle, and Colorful World used a 12 inch plush toy), rather than the custom made ones used on the TV series. These versions have the word "Barney" printed on the right foot.

Baniwa Chingudeul 2001-2003 This Barney doll was used in the Korean production of Barney & Friends. It is similar to the Seasons 4-6 doll, but the head is smaller and the color is darker. Barney's snout is much wider.

An alternate version was used in "Our Earth, Our Home", which looks very similar to the Season 4 Barney doll, but with an eveb wider mouth and downwards-shifted facial features to account for the bigger head. This doll has a stand connected to its tail to make it stand.

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