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Barney Goes To School is the sixth video[1] in the Barney & The Backyard Gang series, originally released in August 15, 1990.


Join Barney as he enjoys a typical day at school with the Backyard Gang. And joining them in finger-painting, pretend, and learning such center activities as ABC's and 123's (not to mention scampering after a mischievous hamster named "Zippity"), he discovers why the kids love going to school each weekday - learning is so much fun!

Educational Theme: School Routine

Stories: None



  1. "Barney Theme Song"
  2. "I Wish There Was School Every Day"
  3. "Look Through the Window"
  4. "You're A Grand Old Flag"
  5. "There Are Seven Days"
  6. "Alphabet Song"
  7. "The Alphabet Chant"
  8. "The Weather Riddle Song"
  9. "The Fishing Song"
  10. "The Shape Song"
  11. "Alligator Pie"
  12. "Hug a Color"
  13. "What I Want to Be"
  14. "If All the Raindrops"
  15. "Three Bears Rap"
  16. "The Goodbye Song"
  17. "I Love You"




Behind the Scenes


  • This video marks:
  • For some reason, the spine on the original cover says "Barney Videos" rather than having the Backyard Gang logo.
  • A Spanish dub of this video was made presumably around the same time as an alternate to the original. Due to it being produced around the same time as the English version, the dub was made by a different team compared to Barney y Sus Amigos, and the songs (except for "The Alphabet Chant") remain in English.
  • Five winners were selected from The Barney National Talent Search and they performed "What I Want to Be" in this video. 
  • After the music ends in the end credits a little bit of the "Shimbaree, Shimbarah" sound effect is heard.
  • This video takes place in October on a Saturday.
  • Production for this video took place in June 1990.