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Barney Goes to School is a Barney soundtrack album that was packaged with some copies of the home video of the same name. The cassette was never commercially sold separately.


  1. Barney Theme Song
  2. I Wish There Was School Every Day
  3. Look Through the Window
  4. You're a Grand Old Flag
  5. There Are Seven Days
  6. Alphabet Song
  7. The Alphabet Chant
  8. The Weather Riddle Song
  9. The Fishing Song
  10. The Shape Song
  11. Hug a Color
  12. What I Want to Be
  13. If All the Raindrops
  14. Three Bears Rap
  15. The Goodbye Song
  16. I Love You


  • Like Waiting for Santa and Campfire Sing Along, this is one doesn't have Mary Keepers rerecorded the songs and sing, it's Bob West singing for Barney and the children chorus.
  • Like the previous cassettes from the other Backyard Gang home videos, this cassette sold for retail price at $3.95