Barney Goes to the Farm
Author Mark S. Bernthal
Photographer Dennis Full
Publication date January 1, 1998
Published by Scholastic Inc.
Publication Order
Preceded by
Barney's Alphabet Fun!
Followed by
What Would Barney Say?
Barney Goes To The Farm is a Barney book that was released in 1998. It was published to coincide with the release of Barney's Great Adventure.


Another title in the best selling "Go to" series.... Get ready for a tour of the farm with Barney. BJ and Baby Bop. There are chores to be done and Barney and pals learn how to make them fun, from feeding the chickens and horses, to Baby Bop leading a cow parade home.


Letter for Parents

"Dear Parents,

This story depicts many typical farm activities. The realism of the photographs will help young children discover life on a farm along with Barney, Baby Bop, and BJ. Young children will enjoy making animal sounds as they read about the hard work, as well as the fun, that happens on a farm.

We consider books to be lifelong gifts that develop and enhance the love of reading. We hope you enjoy reading along with Barney and Baby Bop!

Mary Ann Dudko, Ph. D.

Margie Larsen, M. Ed.

Early Childhood Educational Specialists"




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