Barney Musical Lullaby Treasury: Sweet Dreams
9781412737807 p0 v1 s1200x630
Author Brooke Zimmerman
Illustrator Darren McKee
Publication date September 15, 2005
Published by Publications International, Ltd.
ISBN ISBN-10: 0785363440
ISBN-13: 978-0785363446
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Hello, Day!
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Barney Says
Barney Musical Lullaby Treasury: Sweet Dreams was a book released September 15, 2005. It was apart of the Musical Lullaby Treasury series which featured other popular children's characters including Elmo, Pooh etc.


Get ready for some awesome tunes. Sing along with Barney the purple dinosaur in this Barney Sweet Dreams Musical Treasury Book.

The deluxe padded cover features foil and embossing for a spectacular look.

Press the trigger as you read this interactive storybook.

Listen and sing along to your favorite melodies with the Barney Musical Treasury Storybook. This soft-padded hardcover book plays a lullaby. Contains stories about: nighttime routines, getting sleepy, and learning lullabies.


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