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Sometimes in popular culture or in movies or TV shows, there were references to Barney or even clips from a Barney video or Barney & Friends episode.

8 Mile

Graduating Peter


  • There was a parody of Barney & Friends called "Baloney & Kids".


  • Mary Moo Cow is a parody of Barney.

Beavis and Butthead

  • In "Tornado", Beavis and Butt-Head watch an episode of Barney where the titular dinosaur (who is colored green and orange instead of purple and green) bakes a cake. When he tries to take the cake out of the oven, he sets himself on fire and he (the guy in the highly flammable Barney suit) screams "Ow, ow! I'm burning!.

Beakman's World

In the season 2 episode "Money, Beakmania, and Water Power," Lester the Rat (played by actor Mark Ritts) shares the following magazine article with the title character's assistant Liza: "Barney the dinosaur is telling close friends that he is 'purple and green with envy' over Lester the Rat's growing popularity."

Surprisingly enough, Mark Ritts would later go on to direct Barney's First Adventures.


There was an blue dinosaur enemy in Rickety Town, who is a parody of Barney named "Carnie".

Captain Underpants

In The Adventures of Captain Underpants, George Beard takes a Boomer the Purple Dragon sing-along video, and places it into Mr. Krupp's file cabinet. Boomer the Purple Dragon is a parody of Barney the Dinosaur.

The Critic

  • Humphrey the Hippo is a parody of Barney.

Big Daddy

Sonny: "After you get out, we'll go to Barney's."

Julian: "Barney?"

Sonny: "Not that Barney. A different Barney. A more expensive Barney."

Death to Smoochy

While ranting about Smoochy the Rhino's return, Rainbow Randolph calls him a "bastard son of Barney" among other insults.


The Digimon ExTyrannomon (Japanese: エクスティラノモン Ex-Tyranomon) is most likely based on Barney the dinosaur. In addition, Barney is also referenced in the English dub of Digimon Tamers in the form of a character watching Bernard the Dinosaur.

Dragon Tales

In the episode Enrique goes to Dragon Land without Emmy and Max they're at school, Enrique arives back from Dragon Land and he asks Emmy and Max how was school and they says their catchphrase.

Drawn Together

In the episode "A Tale of Two Cows," Barney the dinosaur (as a medic) is present at Toot's amputation scene. However, he is colored blue instead of his usual purple (likely for copyright reasons).

Jersey Girl

The poster for Barney's Great Adventure is seen.

The poster for Round and Round We Go is seen.

Gertie places the Barney's Beach Party VHS on the counter wanting to rent it.

Jimmy Fallon

Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

September 2013 - Jimmy Fallon & Justin Timberlake show you what a Twitter conversation sounds like in real life. Jimmy mentions how he's been watching alot of Barney the Dinosaur with hashtags following his statement referencing Barney.

The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon

May 20, 2015 - Jimmy Fallon and Jamie Foxx play Wheel of Musical Impressions. When it was Jimmy's turn, he had to impersonate Barry Gibb while singing "I Love You".[1]

February 2019 - Jimmy challenges Rebel Wilson to take turns singing as many songs as they can think of without hesitating to go with a random beat played by The Roots. Jimmy then starts to repeat the words "I Love You", not knowing of a song to sing. Wilson in return says that I love you is not a song. QuestLove suggests that he could sing "I Love You" from Barney, with the segment closing out with them singing.[2]

Jurassic Park

In Weird Al Yankovic's song "Jurassic Park", Weird Al claims that some of the dinosaurs "sure don't act like Barney" while the purple dinosaur has a run-in with the T-rex.

In Jurassic Park III, Charlie watches "Barney's Musical Castle" on the TV in his room while the Kirbys have an encounter with the Spinosaurus. Ironically, Trevor Morgan stars in the movie while he played the part of Cody a few years before in "Barney's Great Adventure".

Liv And Maddie

In the episode Brain-A-Rooney Liv (played by Dove Cameron) says their oulfits are like being between "Barney and A NASCAR driver."

MAD Magazine

  • Issue 323 (December 1993): In the last panel of their Jurassic Park parody Jurass-Has-Had-It Park, Dr. Hammock (Dr John Hammond) tells the group about the kids lining up to see the park: "They were lining up because they heard a multi-million dollar dinosaur was going to be there and they thought it was Barney!"
  • Issue 328 (June 1994): The Fold-In for this issue asked "What single goal has brought agreement and unity among vastly different groups. The image, featuring opposite people proclaiming their support for the answer, when folded, reveals a dead Barney with the word Extinct on him. As a result, the caption reads "Death to Barney".
  • Issue 331 (October/November 1994): In their Flintstones parody The Flickstones, Drano (Dino) the Dinosaur states, "Imagine me, Drano the Dinosaur, in a major motion picture. Eat your heart out, Barney, ya big purple jerk!" Barney is also seen in a later panel outside Slave Co.
  • Issue 332 (December 1994) had a piece called How TV Networks Can Work [OJ] Simpson Trial Updates Into Their Regular Programming. Barney is parodied in one strip, singing a parody of Old MacDonald to describe a court testimony against OJ. Other shows parodied include Jeopardy, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, The Today Show, The Frugal Gourmet, and The Bold and the Beautiful.
  • Issue 333 (January/February 1995): Arnold Bennedict is seen holding a Barney doll in the "Clear and Present Danger" parody It's Clear the President is a Danger. Barney is also seen in a panel of the spread A Mad Look at the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, who the kids try to get the Power Rangers to fight.
  • Issue 334 (March/April 1995): In an article titled How to Pick Lottery Numbers the MAD Way9 represents the number of times you tape the wrong show in a one month period. In the panel the text was featured in, Barney can be seen on the TV monitor. Barney also appears in the "Drivers Tests for TV Characters" article, representing children's TV characters. In this panel, Barney gets scared while riding through the dark woods on a bicycle.
  • Issue 339 (September 1995): In an article titled Still More Badly Needed Warning Labels for Rock AlbumsBarney's Favorites Vol. 2 is shown with a label reading: "Barney isn't real, he doesn't love you, he doesn't know you're even alive! Dinosaurs and people were never alive together, and if they were, Barney'd be eating your intestines while you watched. Other than that, enjoy!" A panel with Barney eating a human leg is seen below.
  • Issue 344 (April 1996): In an article titled Paparazzi Shots That Press Agents Try to Suppress, a actor in a Barney suit is shown backstage smoking and drinking with the hat off.
  • Issue 356 (April 1997): Barney appears in the Peta parody PETArd's Animal Rights Newsletter. One of the questions are "Which species teaches its offspring by referring them to a purple dinosaur?"
  • Issue 370 (June 1998): In their parody of the 1998 Godzilla film Gotsilly, Barney appears on a poster with darts thrown on it.
  • MAD Issue 2 (August 2018): In an article titled Xander and Kam's Sneaky Previews, while showing Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, a T-rex spits out Barney's head.

Mystery Science Theater 3000

Image Episode Name Description
#521: Santa Claus "Very possibly we've forgotten someone we love."

Crow: "Barney"

#523: Village of the Giants Mike: "She was watching that stupid Barney show."
#606: The Creeping Terror "Martin received an important message from Barney!"

Tom: [sings] "I love you."

#610: The Violent Years "Hello, Barney."

Mike: "Where's your big purple suit?"

#615: Kitten with a Whip "Then Barney stumbled into my room."

Tom: "Baby Bop too."

"You do remember Barney? Barney the slob?"

Tom: "He loves you, you love him?"

#701: Night of the Blood Beast Mike: "Barney's been in a fire!"

Crow: [sings] "I love you, you burn me!"

#805: The Horror of Party Beach Mike:"Okay. I gotta go watch Barney"
#817: The Horror of Party Beach "Baby Bop's a prowler!"
#822: Overdrawn at the Memory Bank Mike: "Kids are tuning in right now to watch Barney."
#906: The Space Children Crow: "Is Barney being created here?"
#909: Gorgo Towards the end of the movie, Crow sings a song to the tune of "I Love You": "I crush you; you get crushed."
#1108: Yongary Jonah sings "I Love You" as Yongary is peering over the town.


All That

In season eleven, episode fifteen, a would be Dinosaur Park owner, enlists the help of two scientists to revive a T-Rex... unfortunately for him the dinosaur is much more genial than typically thought as, as he loves singing and giving hugs. The dinosaur, named Terry the T-Rex is a direct parody of Barney.

Hey Arnold!

In the episode " Ransom " Timberly's doll "Wally The Alligator" gets stolen so Gerald and Arnold try to find it, only to find out she was the thief. Wally, like Barney, also has a television series, which has the following theme song:

Wally loves you — all you little girls and boys
Wally loves you — and he loves it when you buy his toys
He loves to see your happy faces
So buy his sheets and pillowcases
Buy his ribbons for your hair
And buy his fuzzy underwear
Buy a Wally salad spinner
Eat a Wally TV dinner
Tell your dad to tell your mom
To buy a Wally CD-ROM
Wally loves you — all you little girls and boys
Wally loves you — and he loves it when you buy his toys


In the episode "iCarly Saves TV", there is a character named Zeebo, meant to be a reference/spoof off of the character Barney, despite him being a dragon. In that episode a TV network producer made Zeebo because " of test research showing that kids love dinosaurs", referencing the popularity of Barney.

The Loud House

Blarney the Dinosaur is a minor character who appears in an episode of The Loud House and who is mentioned briefly mentioned in some episodes as well. He is a direct parody of Barney as he likes to sing and entertain children.

Sam & Mickey

  • In the video "Bath", Ken has trouble finding a colored pencil to color in the skins in his coloring book because his 24-pencil pack doesn't have options for skin colors. Barbie suggests to him "Why don't you color the people purple, like Barney the dinosaur?"

Rocko's Modern Life

  • Bo-Bo the Friendly Bison is a parody of Barney.

The Simpsons

  • In the episode "Rosebud", Barney appears as a purple stegosaurus dinosaur, teaching math (by repeatedly chanting: "Two plus two is four!"), before being interrupted by Mr. Burns.
  • In the episode "The Joy of Sect", Barney brainwashes the toddlers in song, to follow the cult leader: "We love him, he loves we. We're the Leader's family"​
  • In "The Book Job", a Barney doll can be seen with Milhouse Van Houten at Dino Land.
  • In "Treehouse of Horror XXVI", Maggie turns Homerzilla into Barney.


In the UK version of the episode "Impossible is Nothing" after one of the attackers shouts her battle cry which is "I like purple dinosaurs", Dick (played by Richard McCourt) says that he doesn't like purple dinosaurs and that Barney is a right hooligan.

Tonight Show with Jay Leno

Barney's Titanic Adventure was a skit performed in 1998, placing Barney on board the RMS Titanic. The name combined Titanic and Barney's Great Adventure, the latter of which was released at the time. In the end, Barney falls victim to the sinking, to vigorous applause from the audience.

Teacher's Pet

In the episode "Being Mrs. Leadready," Barney's catchphrase "super-dee-duper" is mentioned.

The Powerpuff Girls

  • Blarney the Singing Sea Serpent is a parody of Barney.

Johnny Bravo

The Mask: Animated Series

  • Barnaby the Dinosaur is a parody of Barney.