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Barney Says "Please and Thank You" is a 1994 children's picture book that was written by Stephen White and illustrated by Rick Grayson. that was released on April 22, 1994.

It was later reprinted by Scholastic and HIT Entertainment when Barney was purchased by HIT. In 2006, it was reprinted by Sterling Press Pvt for India.[2]


"When Baby Bop decides to have a party, Barney seizes the opportunity to practice good manners. Your child can join in the festivities from setup to cleanup, chiming in with 'pleases' and 'thank yous' along the way. If you're struggling with your own child's manners, see if purple dinosaur etiquette lessons, which celebrate 'a special way to be nice to other people,' can help."





  • This book was released the same day as Baby Bop Pretends and two years after "Alphabet Soup!" aired.
  • This book was included in both the app and book of Barney's Storybook Treasury.
  • This book was one of ten stories to be featured on the PBS Kids Barney website.


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