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Three Wishes 1988-1989 This is Barney's first design, which is a far departure from later Barney designs and is made out of a heavier foam base. He looks more like a T-rex, and his main body color is more of a darker purple (which is royal purple according to Jess Nelson). This Barney costume was operated in a similar way to Big Bird from Sesame Street (one hand controlling the bottom jaw and the other in an arm (although if both arms were required, the performer would simply bob the head)). He also has a red tongue and a floppy snout. He has eight spots on his back and three on his tail, the eyes and eyelids are also able to move and blink in some scenes. This costume appeared at public libraries and parties. He is performed by David Voss and voiced by Bob West. Barney has a deep, mature tone of voice.
Waiting for Santa 1989-1990 Barney gets drastically redesigned, with his eyes becoming larger and wider, his belly and legs becoming rounder, his color becoming a lighter shade of purple, and his mouth becoming smaller. The Barney costume is now made out of lighter foam. This suit also has a green jaw. His snout no longer flops. Also, this version tends to bobble and shake a lot more while talking. He now has his current number of spots (five spots on his back and three on his tail). His voice goes up a notch to make him sound friendlier than he did before.
Barney in Concert 1991 The current Barney costume is now made out of Antron fleece. The mouth mechanism is rare here, almost not present. Unlike the previous two suits, Barney no longer has a tongue. The pupils are also smaller. Barney's stomach has no foam base near the bottom, and his tail gets a little shorter. His feet are given a redesign and the top of his head is lifted even more. He is now by David Joyner with Bob West still doing the voice. This design would be improved with the next costume.
Season 1 1991-1992 A major modification of the Barney in Concert suit. The costume for this season began the current method of controlling Barney's mouth (the performer bites down on a bar attached to the inside of the bottom jaw which is padded with a sponge, and nods his head to move it), allowing the mouth and both of the arms to be moved simultaneously. This version of the suit includes a blinking mechanism. The bottom of Barney's stomach comes to a triangular point at the bottom, matching up with the seams at the top of the hips. The body also is rounder. In some episodes, his voice sounds similar to his dry BYG voice.

Season 2

1992-1994 A new costume is built, very similar to the last suit built. The antron fleece used here is fuzzier. (Possibly not shaved as much as the last suit.) Barney's snout is also slightly shorter, and his feet are rounder. Barney's top tooth strip is taller. His voice sounds similar to his Season 1 voice, but a little higher-pitched and sillier. This costume is very nimble.
1994 Costume.png
Imagination Island 1994-1998 Barney becomes smoother again and brighter. His jaw and his nuzzle are square-shaped as well as his teeth. His tail gets a little less curly, making it a little shorter. The bottom of Barney's stomach also gets triangular again.

Apart from Imagination Island and Barney Live! in New York City, this was also used in photographed books, VHS covers, various promotional material onward, and Kids For Character.

Publicity photo for Season 3 of Barney & Friends 1994–1997 This version of the suit is a double of many to be used during this season. Barney's tail becomes less curly at the end than that of the costumes before it. Barney's eyes become bigger and pull closer together. He almost never blinks during this season. Barney's stomach becomes a bit rounder at the bottom. In addition, his feet become a lot less square, his toes come closer to the rubber soles, and his hips and the top of his head become rounder. Starting in Season 3 onward, Barney's voice gets even higher and more cheerful.
Barney Songs 1994–1997 Another double for the third season. The differences of this costume are in the face. All of Barney's features are more square (especially the mouth) and his forehead is closer to his eyes which really don't blink but move from left to right. The pupils are larger and eyes are more sunken in. An early prototype version of this one was used as a double for Barney in Barney Live! In New York City for quick entrances and exits.

Later on, Barney's eyes appear larger and his mouth becoming slightly larger toward the chin

Outdoor Fun Suit.png Camp WannaRunnaRound 1997 A prototype version of the season 4 suit, having Barney's feet from the Season 3 costumes
Barney's Good Day, Good Night - Suit.png
Barney's Good Day, Good Night This costume allows Barney's eyes to move left or right.
Season 4 1997–1998 Barney's red-violet color becomes a little darker and his face gets a bit of a redesign, with the eyes becoming bigger and fuller than the last costume. The blinking mechanism is still present, but it is not as noticeable than in previous seasons (especially when Barney's jumping up and down). The toe balls on his feet are also bigger. This costume was always used on the Barney Says segments from Seasons 4-6. His voice gets slightly, but noticeably deeper
1997 Costume.png

Season 4

Another double for the fourth season. This costume is very similar to the one above, Barney's neck becomes skinnier and his body becomes slightly like a pear shape. Barney's head is also wider. His teeth are also square-shaped and narrow. His eyes are only pointed to the right.
Barney's Great Adventure 1998 This costume was used in the feature film Barney's Great Adventure. The eyes and eyelids were moveable via remote control to add expression to Barney's relatively stiff face. Also, to further accommodate the added expression, the teeth are smaller. His toes seem to get smaller and his tail starts to get slightly more curved/curly at the end. The head is also slightly rounder and his eyes are slightly bigger and fuller to fit the added expression.
Barney's Night Before Christmas 1998–1999 A slight makeover on Barney's face from the late 1998 suit from the movie; Barney's mouth is now rounder and the eyes are smaller.
Come on Over to Barney's House 1999–2002 Another costume similar to the earlier Barney (above) used before it. His teeth are thicker and the bottom jaw wrinkles noticeably when at rest. In a few home videos, Barney is voiced by Duncan Brannan and Tim Dever.

Another version of this costume has him with smaller eyes, smaller and taller teeth, and a squarer mouth.

Publicity photo for Season 7 of Barney & Friends 2001–2004 Barney's eyes become larger and his teeth become thinner and taller.  His head also gets a little smaller/narrower and rounder. Barney is now voiced by Dean Wendt and performed by Carey Stinson. Barney's voice is still a little dry and deep in Season 7, as Wendt tries to replicate West's performance early on, but he's now given a more nasal voice. His tail also becomes less curly at the end, making it shorter
Season 9 2004–2010
  • Barney's head gets a total makeover, with wider eyes and a wider mouth and square-like teeth. His voice goes up a little higher. In addition, his skin becomes a lighter magenta, though not to the same extent as in 1995.
Season 10 2006-2007 Barney's eyes become a little downward. His toes are separated and his feet appear longer and much boxier than the costumes that preceded it. Barney's appearance gets smoother and he gets a lighter shade of purple/magenta. His teeth get much taller and his mouth overall becomes rounder in comparison to the previous costume
Celebrating Around The World 2006-2009 This costume is a bit similar to the one above. This Barney costume has a rounder/wider head and the eyelids are pulled up some. Also the teeth become thinner.

An alternate version has Barney's eyelids downward

Picture 1.png
Barney & Friends

Season 12

2008 This costume was only used for one year. It includes more of a squarer nose, and connected ankles, only in the back. This costume is even given a lighter shade of magenta/purple.

NOTE: In The Reluctant Dragon: A Fairy Tale Adventure and at the end of The Misbegotten Moon: A Space Adventure, the eyelids are noticeably downwards, making the costume similar to the alternate Season 11 costumes.

A Bird of a Different Feather: Hawaii 2009–present This costume includes rounder feet, completely connected ankles, a smaller mouth, and a shorter tail.

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