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This page is considered an official policy on the Barney Wiki.
It has wide acceptance among editors and is considered a standard that everyone should follow.

The Manual of Style is the style manual for all Barney Wiki articles. It describes the guidelines that should be followed so articles stay consistent throughout.


All articles should be written in an out-of-universe view. This means that articles should be tailored to and understandable to viewers who aren’t familiar with the Barney franchise.

  • Example (using the article “Barney Through the Years”)
    • Unacceptable – The blue dog was first used in 1988.
    • Acceptable - "Dubbed as the "blue dog" costume and internally as B-001,"

The style below is the general style used for articles; however, not all sections are covered on each page, so please do not apply every section written below if the article's information doesn't cover those.

The style for Episodes & Home Video articles should be as follows (in this order):

  • Synopsis
  • Characters (if not an episode article)
  • Songs
  • Production
  • Music and Soundtrack
  • Release
    • broadcast,
    • home media,
    • marketing (live shows, books, etc.)
  • Gallery
  • Trivia
  • References



  • Home video titles should be in italics.
  • Song titles should be in quotes.
  • For gallery layout rules, see this wiki's photo policies.



  • When creating an article, please do research. It's encouraged to cite sources when creating and adding to an article. Of course not everything will be cited, but information found on public websites (such as newspaper articles) are encouraged to be cited. This is to show readers that this site can be a trusted source of information.
  • Do not create a page and then leave it blank. If a page is left blank for a twenty-four hours, it will be removed, citing that the page is irrelevant if no information is on it by the creator. You can be a big help by researching more about the topic!