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Barney in Concert is the seventh video in the Barney & The Backyard Gang series, and Barney's first ever stage show. The concert took place at the Majestic Theater in Dallas, Texas on March 14, 1991, and it was released on video four months later, on July 29, 1991.


The audience gets settled in before they hear a voice saying the magic words, "Shimbaree, Shimbarah". Then, out of nowhere, sparkles start appearing onstage before Barney jumps out of the curtain, making his grand entrance. He dances to his theme song, before he welcomes the audience. Then, he sings a song to tell them how excited he is to have them join him, and show them how special they are. Then, he decides to introduce them to the Backyard Gang. The curtain opens to a set with all sorts of gift boxes everywhere. The Backyard Gang arrives and they introduce themselves through a rap wearing yellow T-shirts with black words for the names, yellow socks, blue shorts, and white shoes.

Then, Michael encourages the audience to join in with a special song. After that, Barney and Tina make farm animal sounds and sing "Down on Grandpa's Farm" with the help of animals in costume. Then, Barney joins the kids to sing "The Noble Duke of York".

Barney and Derek sing "Pop Goes the Weasel" before Barney has help from Michael and Luci to get some Hebrew and French kids on stage to sing "The Alphabet Song" in English, Hebrew, and French.

Then, Luci sings "Where is Thumbkin?", followed by giving Barney a surprise: a camel named Sally.

After that, Barney does the Barney Shake to reveal a special surprise. Just then, the box opens to reveal a green triceratops with a pink bow in her hair, and a yellow blanket. Barney shushes the audience and tells them not to tell the Backyard Gang about the surprise. Then, Barney and the kids sing "Mr. Knickerbocker", but after the song ends, the triceratops comes out of the box again. The kids are surprised to see this and want to know more about the dinosaur. Adam gets an idea to sing the song again after noticing that the dinosaur came out when she heard the song. So they sing the song again, but this time, the dinosaur dances out of the box. After the song, the dinosaur hides behind Barney and gets shy. The kids realize that she doesn't have a name, so they huddle up and think of a name. What gives Amy an idea is seeing the dinosaur's dance moves. So Amy decides to name her Baby Bop, and the other kids agree. Then, Amy decides to have Baby Bop show off some dance moves. Baby Bop dances to some street music, which impresses everyone.

Then, Baby Bop gets the confidence to join the show, and she sings "The Itsy Bitsy Spider", and meets a spider puppet. Barney and the kids then sing a bubble bath song with audience participation, but the bath is interrupted by the sound of a firetruck. Baby Bop and some of the kids are dressed as firefighters and they sing "Hurry, Hurry, Drive the Firetruck".

Barney appears as a railroad engineer, and talks about pufferbellies. Then, he sings "Down By the Station". Then, he grabs an American flag, and he is joined by the entire cast to sing "You're A Grand Old Flag".

Then, Barney heads to the front of the stage to tell the audience that the show is about to end. But he does explain that he's always going to be there for everyone. Then, he encourages the audience to hold hands to sing "I Love You". Then, everyone bids farewell to the audience before Barney appears from the curtain and blows them a kiss goodbye, ending the show.



  1. "Barney Theme Song"
  2. "Barney Theme Song" (Reprise)
  3. "Everyone is Special" (original 1991-1995 re-dubbed)
  4. "The Backyard Gang Rap"
  5. "We Are Barney and the Backyard Gang"
  6. "Down on Grandpa's Farm"
  7. "The Noble Duke of York"
  8. "Pop Goes the Weasel"
  9. "Alphabet Song" (English, Hebrew, and French)
  10. "Where is Thumbkin?"
  11. "Sally the Camel"
  12. "Mr. Knickerbocker"
  13. "Baby Bop's Song"
  14. "Baby Bop's Street Dance"
  15. "Itsy Bitsy Spider"
  16. "Bubble, Bubble Bath" (1991-2000 VHS only)
  17. "Hurry, Hurry, Drive the Firetruck"
  18. "Down By the Station"
  19. "You're A Grand Old Flag"
  20. "I Love You"



Behind the Scenes

Title Cards


  • This video marks:
    • The first time David Joyner performs Barney.
    • The first appearance of Baby Bop. Baby Bop's introduction segment is later shown in the Barney's Favorite Memories featurette. This same featurette erroneously refers to this show as "Barney Live".
    • The first Barney video to be televised, as part of the Barney & Friends Family Marathon.
    • The first live show not to tour.
    • The first video to feature a slower arrangement of "I Love You" as heard on Season 1 of Barney & Friends. At the end, before the curtain call starts, there is a extra piano arpeggio, but it gets drowned out by everyone saying goodbye and the cheers, whistles and applause of the audience. The instrumentals are clearly heard on the soundtrack.
    • The final time "I Love You" is sung with the Backyard Gang lyrics.
  • This video was originally advertised as being available on May 15, 1991.
  • According to Derek and Tina during the Barney & Friends Family Marathon, Derek said that he was 8-years-old and Tina said that she was 7-years-old in this video. Despite that, Rickey Carter (Derek) was 9-years-old and Jessica Zucha (Tina) was 8-years-old at the time the concert occurred.
  • In the 1995 rerelease of this video, Bob West re-dubbed "Everyone is Special" using the current lyrics for the song, as apposed to the ones originally used. In addition, the "Everyone is Special" Melody in the credits medley is rearranged. Other than those differences, the video is the same as the original 1991 release.
  • The rendition of the "Barney Theme Song" used in the show uses similar instruments that were later used in the Barney & Friends version of the song.
  • In 1992, Time Life Video released an audiocassette featuring all 19 songs from this video, in addition to selling most of the Season 1 of Barney & Friends episodes on VHS. Another version of the same cassette was released by Lyons themselves.
  • In the Spanish version of this video, the "Barney Theme Song" and "I Love You" were sung in the Barney & Friends lyrics instead of the Backyard Gang lyrics.
  • In the Spanish, Philippines, South African, and Singaporean/Malaysian releases, the "Bubble, Bubble Bath" scene was cut, so when "The Itsy Bitsy Spider" was sung, it somewhat cuts to "Hurry, Hurry, Drive the Firetruck".
  • In the Philippines release, the title card is completely different. It resembles the title card used in the first and second season, but without the words "Barney & Friends" and without an episode title.
  • This video was released on Jeanne Cairns' fifty-ninth birthday.

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