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J-Card of the cassette.


The cassette tape itself.

Barney in Concert is an audiocassette that was released in 1991. It contained songs from the stage show of the same name There were two different cassettes made, one by Time Life which could only be obtained by ordering a Time Life Barney video with a credit card, and the other version was released by Lyons themselves.


  1. "Barney Theme Song"
  2. "Everyone is Special"
  3. "The Backyard Gang Rap"
  4. "We Are Barney and the Backyard Gang"
  5. "Down on Grandpa's Farm"
  6. "The Noble Duke of York"
  7. "Pop Goes the Weasel"
  8. "Alphabet Song" (English, Hebrew and French)
  9. "Where is Thumbkin?"
  10. "Sally the Camel"
  11. "Mr. Knickerbocker"
  12. "Baby Bop's Song"
  13. "Baby Bop's Street Dance"
  14. "Itsy Bitsy Spider"
  15. "Bubble, Bubble Bath"
  16. "Hurry, Hurry, Drive the Firetruck"
  17. "Down By the Station"
  18. "You're A Grand Old Flag"
  19. "I Love You"


Screenshot 20181008-225514

The prototype version of the cassette.

  • The version of the cassette as seen in the 1992 TimeLife Commercial for the Barney Videos, a prototype version of this cassette uses a slightly different cover and a clear cassette tape.
  • First cassette to feature the Barney & Friends logo rather than the Barney & The Backyard Gang logo.
  • Like Waiting for Santa, Campfire Sing Along, and Barney Goes To School, this is one doesn't have Mary Keepers rerecorded the songs and sing, it's Bob West singing for Barney and the children chorus.
  • Like the previous cassettes from the other Backyard Gang home videos, this cassette sold for retail price at $3.95