Barney Songs
Barney Is Our Dinosaur
Debuted in A Day at the Beach
Written by Stephen Bates Baltes
Usage 1989
Friends Are Forever
This is the Way We Walk the Beach

Barney is Our Dinosaur is a Barney song that first appeared in "A Day at the Beach". It uses the same tune as "The Muffin Man".


Oh, Barney is a dinosaur.
A dinosaur, a dinosaur.
Barney is a dinosaur.
A friend to you and you.
Oh, Barney is our dinosaur.
Our dinosaur, our dinosaur.
Barney is our dinosaur.
A friend to you and you.
What's that little girl's name?


  • In "A Day at the Beach (Audio Cassette)", instead of Barney saying What's that little girl's name?, the female reader (who sings for both Sandy Duncan and Barney) says What's that dinosaur's name? to which the kid chorus replies "Barney!".
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