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Blarney - It Ain't No Picnic is a video that was released on January 1, 1994. Directed by David Dinatale, it spoofs both the Backyard Gang and Barney & Friends video series. The content in the video is aimed at a mature audience.


Blarney the Dinosaur, Barney's evil twin brother, gets turned down for a Steven Spielberg movie (it is assumed to be Jurassic Park, which came out a year earlier) in place of his kinder brother. He daydreams about joining the "Backdoor Gang" for a barbecue. The "kids" (played by adults) sing songs with Blarney and have fun at their barbecue. In the end, it turns out to be a nightmare that Blarney had; the video closes out with a parody of Barney Says.

Cast & Crew[]



Executive Producers[]

  • Todd Colby Pliss
  • David Dinatale



  • David Dinatale

Music Director[]

  • David Dinatale


Other Crew[]

  • Brian Boylan, Jr. (Editor)
  • David Dinatale (Editor and Set Decoration)


  1. Blarney Theme Song (parody of Barney Theme Song)*
  2. A Bloody Brown Booger for Blarney (parody of Peanut Butter, Bubble, Bubble Bath and Frosting the Cake)
  3. Me and My Teddy (parody of Me and My Teddy)
  4. Down By The Bay (parody of Down By The Bay)
  5. Pick My Nose While Driving (parody of Apples and Bananas)
  6. I Love You

*Instrumental underscore.


  • The video has very low production values, looking as if it were filmed entirely with a Super-8 camera.
  • In this video, it parodies Campfire Sing-Along (the plot device of a dream sequence), Rock with Barney (the songs) and Barney's Birthday (parodying Barney Says), so the producers of this parody may have screened these three videos for reference.
  • Mickey, Juicy, Lena, & Derelict are parodies of Michael, Luci, Tina, & Derek.
  • In the credits, Blarney is credited as just "himself." Thus, it's unknown who actually played and voiced him.
  • Despite being aimed at a mature audience, it is jokingly said in the cover that this video is targeted at children and adults aged 2-200.
  • Unlike his twin brother Barney who comes alive from the kids imagination, Blarney comes alive by drinking beer.
  • Blarney was a popular 90s anti-Barney character, and initially created as a t-shirt design on November 11, 1991.
  • A Blarney variant made his TV appearance on Jerry Springer in 1993 on a segment called Barney Backlash.
  • Dino & Rocco the writers of this parody made series called Back Alley which is a parody of Wayne's World.