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Blarney - It Ain't No Picnic is a video that was released in 1994. It spoofs both Barney & Friends and the Backyard Gang videos. A lot of the content in the video is aimed at a mature audience.


Blarney the Dinosaur, Barney's evil twin brother, gets turned down for a Stephen Spielberg movie (it is assumed to be Jurassic Park, which came out a year earlier) in place of his kinder brother. He then joins the "Backdoor Gang" for a barbeque. The "kids" (played by adults) sing songs with Blarney and have fun at their barbeque. In the end, it turns out to be a nightmare that Blarney had.


  • The video has very low production values, looking as if it were filmed entirely with a Super-8 camera.
  • All of the songs that are parodied in this video can be found in Rock with Barney and Barney's Birthday; so, the producers of this parody may have screened those two videos for reference.
  • Mikey, Juicy, Lena, & Derelict are parodies of Michael, Luci, Tina, & Derek.
  • In the credits, Blarney is credited as just "himself." Thus, it's unknown who actually played him.
  • Despite this video normally aimed at a mature audience, it jokingly said in the cover that this video is targeted at children and adults aged 2-200.