Brahms' Lullaby is is the composer's Op. 49, No. 4, originally written for voice and piano, published in 1868. In the Barney franchise it appeared in the home video release of "Barney's Good Day, Good Night".


Children's Song Used In...

  1. Barney's Good Day, Good Night
  2. Barney's Night Light Stories (Video Featured: Barney's Good Day, Good Night)
  3. Play Piano with Me! (Instrumental)
  4. Ducks and Fish
  5. The Music Box: Switzerland (Instrumental)
  6. Egg-Cellent Adventures (Episode Featured: Ducks and Fish)
  7. HIT Favorites: Music, Music Everywhere! (Episode Featured: Play Piano with Me!)
  8. Barney's Worldwide Adventure! (Episode Featured: The Music Box: Switzerland)
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