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Brian Sidney Eppes (born September 14, 1979 in Vancouver, Washington) is an American attorney and former child actor. Raised in Arlington, Texas he currently works as an attorney at Gebhardt and Eppes, PLLC, a boutique law firm in downtown Fort Worth, Texas. Prior to his occupation in law, he was best-known to have portrayed "Michael" on the live-action children's show Barney & Friends, and the preceding Barney & The Backyard Gang.



Eppes has done numerous of national radio and television commercials, printed ads and theater experience including in plays such as "A Christmas Story" and "The Nerd". [2]


Barney & The Backyard Gang[]

Eppes was notified by his agent that a local children's show was holding auditions for a few videos, which eventually became Barney & The Backyard Gang. He eventually booked the role of Michael and worked on the series when he was at the age of eight.

Barney & Friends[]

When Barney & Friends went into production, Eppes began to do the show full-time, unlike the preceding series of Barney & The Backyard Gang. Eppes continued to portray Michael until season two when he was at the age of thirteen. Eppes returned to portray Michael in the video Sing And Dance With Barney.


After Barney & Friends, he decided not to continue with acting so he could concentrate on academics and sports.[3] Eppes attended a mini reunion on the Barney & Friends set in Las Colinas in Irving, Texas with a few cast members from the first three seasons.

Personal Life[]


Eppes', who lived in Arlington at the time lived an hour and a half from the where Barney & The Backyard Gang was filmed (which was in Allen). His father would drop him to set in the morning and his mother would pick him up at 5:30PM. It got to the point at times where Eppes would stay from one to two nights a week with Sheryl Leach, the creator of Barney & The Backyard Gang and the succeeding Barney & Friends. After the first three videos Eppes would go back to his normal life such as attending school, however, he did sacrifice a few baseball practices when filming.[4]

One of Eppes's three sisters, Kelly, who attended Texas A&M University, would frequently get requests from other college students for her brother's signature.[5]

When Eppes got married in 2003, Barney made a video for him,[6] which was played at the rehearsal dinner.

For Eppes' thirtieth birthday, he received a Barney birthday cake while at the district attorney's office.


Children's productions[]

  • In 1991, Eppes portrayed various roles on the Christian-themed children's television series Gerbert.



Behind the Scenes[]